10 Things you need to know about your Brain


1.) When you’re sleeping, your brain stays awake

2.) The brain itself cannot feel pain! Headache pain is felt in the tissues, nerves, and
blood vessels surrounding the brain.

3.) Most people assume that vision is what your eye sees and reports to your brain. Actually, the brain adds a great deal to the report it gets from the eye; much of what you see is “made up” by the brain.

4.) A baby’s brain triples its size in the first year of life.

5.) Men’s brains are on average about 9% bigger than women’s brains. (This does not mean men are smarter than women!)

6.) The diameter of an individual brain neuron is four microns. This means that 30,000 neurons could fit on the head of a pin.

7.) Even one night without sleep can create a deficit in your ability to form new memories.

8.) Your brain uses less power than your refrigerator light. Over the course of a day, your brain uses the amount of energy contained in two large bananas

9.) 100,000 = the number of miles of blood vessels in your brain

10.) 4 to 6 = the number of minutes your brain can survive without oxygen before it starts to die.