Now Offering Radial Shockwave Therapy!

At First Markham Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, we now have a Storz’s Medical Master Pulse Radial Shockwave machine!Shockwave Therapy For Plantarfasciitis

 Why might radial shockwave be right for me?

Radial shockwave is a new alternative treatment that can be used when all other conservative treatments(physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathic, etc.) have been used and the pain is still evident. There has been an extensive amount of research done on heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), achilles tendonitis, frozen shoulder, trigger points in muscles, stress fractures and tennis elbow that have proven the effectiveness of radial shockwave therapy.


  • No surgery required
  • No side effects
  • Increases healing process
  • Effective for chronic pain
  • No medication required

How does radial shockwave therapy work?

Shockwave uses extremely high-energy acoustic waves that are transmitted through a headpiece that is applied to the surface of the skin. The headpiece emits very strong and short energy pulses that will produce a mechanical effect on the area of interest. This mechanical force will then stimulate cells that promote healing in bone and connective tissue. Shockwave therapy also helps breakdown any built up calcification and soft tissue.  In addition, it also initiates an inflammatory response, which will increase circulation and blood flow to the area.

What are treatments like?

For the best results, approximately 3-5 treatments are required and most people feel an improvement after the first treatment is complete! Shockwave requires the use of any water-based medium and is applied over the area of interest for approximately 5 minutes. During the treatment, there may be some discomfort or pain, but it is well worthwhile!

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