Dr. Natasha Merali-Ebrahim has been my doctor for 2 years now. I have never felt better! I have reached my optimal health and she has taught me how to be healthy while still being able to live my life. She created an exceptional treatment plan that not only has made me feel healthy but has made me feel positive about myself, inside and out. My entire family are now patients of Dr. Merali-Ebrahim, and I would recommend everyone else to join her client list as she strives to make each and every single one of her patients leaving healthy and happy!

I started working with Dr. Natasha Merali-Ebrahim in June 2009. I was looking for a way to change my lifestyle that would involve a healthy diet to help with my Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). My goal was to improve my digestion &s; increase my energy naturally. At the time, I was also dealing with emotional problems and stress. Dr. Merali-
Ebrahim offered me personal and emotional support, something that conventional doctors seldom do. She took the time to speak with me in talk therapy and personal counseling.

As a talented naturopathic doctor, Dr. Merali-Ebrahim offered fundamental medical support that helped me improve my nutritional plan, supported by the right supplements. Her knowledge of herbal and alternative medicine helped me understand why I was taking the medicine she recommended. Dr. Merali-Ebrahim is a caring, knowledgeable doctor who is great at answering questions and explaining her treatment plan to her patients.

Thank you Dr. Merali-Ebrahim! – Sabrina Kanani, Markham